A Single Artwork Auction with a Significant David Boyd from 1969 is being held on Sunday December 5th, 2021 at 5:00pm AEDT

by Lee Steer, Nov 18, 2021

This Single Artwork Auction is taking place on Sunday December 5th, 2021 at 5:00pm AEDT. This can be viewed at A Single Artwork Auction with a Significant David Boyd from 1969.  

Painted in London in 1969 at his house in Islington this  significant work by  David Boyd travelled back to Australia where Boyd held his  first  exhibition of The Wanderer series paintings at an exhibition in Adelaide  in 1970 at the Lidums Art Gallery, as part of the Adelaide Festival of the  Arts.

The Wanderer series was inspired by a visit in 1969 by  Boyd to Sydney Yacht Club where he saw the 19th century yacht Wanderer and  learned more about the incredible life story of Benjamin Boyd ( No relation to  the Australian Boyd family) the English pastoralist and merchant banker who  travelled to Australia in 1842 who founded a company to exploit whaling and  pastoral interests in New South Wales. In the 1840’s Benjamin Boyd built Boyd  Town, which at one stage shipped more whale-oil, wool and other products than  the port of Sydney. It was said that Benjamin Boyd dreamt of becoming King of  Australia and perhaps it was this that inspired David Boyd to include the King  in these Wanderer pictures, as a reference to the aspirations of Benjamin Boyd.

In 1973, Nancy Benko with Lidums Art Gallery in South  Australia published the book The Art of David Boyd.  Benko includes  several pages and illustrations describing Boyd’s Wanderer series.  Of  close comparison in this book is the work The Weeping King (page 139) which  was also painted in 1969 and which shows the same freedom of paint-strokes and  features a King  in despair in a wild and rugged landscape that relates closelyin subject matter to this work.

The artist’s daughter Lucinda Boyd believes that this  work might once have been called The Wanderer- King Thrown. There is another  smaller work by this title recorded which was sold at Christie’s Australia  3/10/1972 lot 137. A series of coloured collagraphs of this work were later  commissioned from David Boyd in the early 2000’s.

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