Art Collector Q&A: Tony Evans

by Lee Steer, May 20, 2019

Cover Image: Tony Evans (L) with artist Lincoln Townley (R)

Get to know the people behind the art.

In our new series of Q&As here on Artmarketspace, we are speaking with some of the artists whose work appears on our platform as well as the passionate buyers adding these pieces to their collection.

This time we're speaking to passionate art collector, Dr Tony Evans, who shares with us what art he is drawn to, where he likes to discover new art, and his favourite artists of the moment.

Where and when did you make your first art purchase? What inspired you to make that first purchase?

I first bought artwork from the Red Sea Gallery in Brisbane probably 4-5 years ago now. It coincided with a radical change in my life from being in a marriage for some 33 years to being single and living in an apartment. White walls can be ever so boring and once several pieces were hung it changed my view of the world!

How would describe your taste in art today? What style are you most drawn to? Has your taste changed over time?

Again, bear in mind I’m a newbie to the art world! I buy what I appreciate and like. Simple as that! It can be landscapes with an Asian tinge, landscapes with a good old Aussie tinge, pieces done with charcoal and… I love the work created by Lincoln Townley. He is just astounding. I visited his garage when I was at home in the UK a few years ago. He was so generous with his time – and we met up again when he was out visiting Australia. His story is remarkable in many ways!

Why do you collect art? Is it for the same reason now as when you first started collecting? 

I collect art because I like it… [which] may sound stupid. All of the pieces I own are hung in my apartment, apart from the pieces I have given as gifts to friends of mine. Pieces of art make wonderful gifts, as long as you get it right!

Tony with artist Lincoln Townley

Where do you keep your art collection? Is it on display at home, in your workspace, somewhere else? How do you like to display it?

As I said, it’s hung professionally in my apartment.  My problem now is that my space is limited!

Where do you go to enjoy art? Is there a gallery local to you, or any other public spaces (e.g. cafes and shops) that display art?

I was a big fan of the Red Sea Gallery on James Street in Brisbane. Lee – who ran the Gallery – and I are great mates. I think what he is doing now with Artmarketspace is the future. You only have to listen to one Lincoln Townley pontificate on that score to see where the art world is heading.

Do you like to travel to see art? Where are your favourite places around Australia and abroad to enjoy art?

When I travel it’s usually to the UK and Europe... In London I like to visit the Saatchi Gallery. In places like Paris I would be more “conventional”… Musee D’Orsay… although I must say the street art in Paris is amazing!

Have you made any interesting discoveries, in the sense of finding new artists that you love?

I know I have harped on about him… Lincoln Townley.

Who are some of your favourite artists at the moment? What draws you to their work?

Big fan of Roman Longginou. Very talented. I’m not mentioning LT again!

Roman Longginou, one of Tony's recent favourite artists

With thanks to Dr Tony Evans.
You can view more works on Artmarketspace by Lincoln Townley and Roman Longginou.