About artmarketspace

artmarketspace allows a buyer to create a personal connection to the artist through our Unique Video Experiences (UVE), seeing the art work close-up, at distance, in a 360-degree view, or by listening to the artist discuss the inspiration they drew upon to create the works.   The UVE also provides consumers with trust: “What you see is what you get”.  The buyer might even get a tour of the artist’s studio from their artist profile!    

To help provide buyers with even more confidence, all works come with validations (Certificates of Authenticity, if available, and Condition Reports if necessary).  Logistics is integrated and fully automated so that buyers and sellers can ship around the world.  For shipment within Australia, insurance is included up to a value of $30,000.00. There is also a 7-day cooling off period, so if buyers are not happy with the work after they receive it, it can be returned.

About the Board of Directors

Campbell Newman:

Chairman of the artmarketspace Board of Directors


Campbell Newman is Chairman of the artmarketspace Board.  Originally beginning his career as an engineer and officer in the Australian Army he went on to hold senior roles in business in the areas of logistics and infrastructure development.  He then entered the world of politics, serving as Lord Mayor of Brisbane, followed by a term as Premier of Queensland. Since leaving the arena of political leadership he has re-entered the world of business being the Chairman and co-founder of Arcana Capital Pty Ltd involved in commercial property syndication and funds management.  He also interests and guiding roles in a number of technology start-ups and is a regular political commentator at Australian News Channel (SkyNews) and in Newscorp publications such as The Australian and The Courier Mail.  Campbell has an Honours Degree in Civil Engineering, an MBA in Financial Management, is a graduate of the Royal Military College Duntroon and is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia.



Lee Steer:

Co-founder and CEO of artmarketspace.


After approximately a decade in management roles at Reuters in London, New York and Tokyo (where he actually he first conceived the concept of artmarketspace), Lee left the fast world of the financial markets to establish an art gallery. He spent 10 years as founder and director of REDSEA Gallery in Brisbane, finding, nurturing and representing artists locally and internationally.

Noticing a shift in the art world and concerned about the number of galleries having to shut their doors, as well as the high commissions artists needed to pay to galleries in order for the gallery system to remain viable, Lee realised that the way forward for the art world was the internet and global online art platforms.  Wanting to be able to put more money into the pockets of artists, give them a global audience for their work, and provide art lovers with unprecedented access to art from well outside their local areas Lee closed his gallery doors to establish artmarketspace as a trusted global art platform for artists and art lovers, galleries and collectors alike.



Andrew Greig:

Board Director


Andy Greig is the founder of ACAC Innovation and its Senior Director.

He retired in 2015 after a career in international construction particularly in the mining sector. He worked for Bechtel Group for 34 years; led its global mining business for 13 years; was managing director for its Australian operations; and was group HR Manager in his last assignment. Andy has worked and lived all over the world and was a Senior Vice President and Director of Bechtel Group, Inc.

Andy is a business graduate of Monash University and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technology, Science and Engineering.

He has a passion for innovation, development and growth of people, and health and safety in the workplace - and in life. His company, ACAC Innovation, having a passion for ingenuity and creativity, invests in people with innovative business ideas, giving support, advice and mentoring.

The Way Art Should Be

For artists, artmarketspace provides the opportunity for work to be represented and exhibited to a national and global audience and, when works sell, the commission charged is much lower.  Our exclusive Premium feature ensures that artists with a proven track record are immediately recognised, providing even further validation for buyers.  For artists with gallery representation, there are unique opportunities for the artist and their gallery to collaborate with artmarketspace and broaden the reach of exhibitions.

For sellers, artmarketspace is the destination where you can re-sell a personal art collection at the works’ true value, without the heavy discounting that the auction system demands.  There will be no costs incurred unless the works are sold, and there is no need for you to move the works for sale, avoiding unnecessary risk and cost.  When your works sell, the costs are greatly lower. 

artmarketspace has been built to make the global art world more accessible and more transparent.  “The Way Art Should Be”